Club Sport Spotlight: Ultimate Frisbee



Every team has some sort of goal that they work towards in order to keep moving forward for the better. It is up to the officers of our Club Sports teams at Oakland University to keep the goals alive and motivate the members to strive to reach what they desire.

For those who do not know, Ultimate Frisbee is a sport where soccer meets handball on a football field with a disc instead of a ball. This type of sport is self refed, so a lot of mutual respect comes from the players which is important to have on the field. With this amount of sportsmanship, there is the phrase “spirit of the game” given to the fair play each player helps represent.

The Ultimate Frisbee Club and the President Tom Baranski embody the “spirit of the game” and have the current goal to grow the team in order to get to regionals. This would push the team so they can be a staple for the Ultimate Community in Metro-Detroit. Growing their team would also allow them into the USA Ultimate Association, which as Baranski states, “Is the governing body for Ultimate Frisbee and other disc sports in the United States.”

They are looking for individuals who are committed to the sport and are able to hold their balance, have strong hand-eye coordination as well as speed and other athletic abilities. The team holds tryouts at the beginning of Fall and Winter semester and the practice times vary based on the season and the weather.

Ultimate Frisbee is extremely excited to grow their team and continue to compete against teams in tournaments and scrimmages within the region to represent Oakland University.

Member Appreciation Month and Its Importance

MamTVEvery year Oakland University’s Recreation Center has Member Appreciation Month in February. This is a month filled with contests, prizes, freebies, and fun activities for members of the Recreation Center to participate in.

Many campus activities are limited to students, but this fun filled month is not limited to students. Any and all members of the Recreation Center are able to participate.

“During Member Appreciation Month, more than ever, our students are saying “thank you” to our members because we do truly value that they are coming in to use our facility and that in itself is something to appreciate,” said Charlotte, the Graduate Assistant for Member Services.

Many employees at the Rec get daily “thank yous” for helping members with questions or equipment, but member appreciation month is our time to thank those who make our work fun and uplifting.

“My favorite part about Member Appreciation Month is the social media contests,” says Elizabeth, Marketing Intern at the Rec, “The responses to our ‘Caption This’ photo were hilarious!”

Each day as members swiped into the Rec they were entered for a chance to win a weekly prize drawing. This year’s weekly prize give aways included adventure park tickets, movie tickets, horizon league tournament tickets and more. The members are usually pretty shocked when they win because there are so many people who come to the Rec each week.

“Being able to make someone’s week or day and knowing that have something to look forward to is always something I love in life… it’s the little things, Member Appreciation Month truly shows our members that we appreciate them and that we do the little things for them,” said Charlotte.

Member Appreciation Month is the Rec’s way of showing our patrons that we truly value them. Without our members we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be able to help improve their lives through health, wellness, and recreation.

The staff at the Rec thinks February is a great time of the year for Member Appreciation Month because it keeps patrons coming back after the excitement of New Year’s resolutions wears off and it keeps their moral up. Although Member Appreciation Month is only for one month, we want our patrons to know that we appreciate them all year long!

Employee Spotlight: Crystal Ryan

employee-spotlight-crystal-ryanCrystal has been working at the Rec since April 2015. She is a member services attendant. She is a senior studying communications with a minor in public relations.


Why did you want to work at the Rec?
I had friends that worked at the Rec, and they always looked like and said they had love and enjoyed their jobs.


What is your favorite part about working here?
My bosses, co-workers, and the patrons!


What are your favorite Rec activities? (IM sports, GroupX, Street Teams, RLC, etc.)
GroupX classes and street team


When you’re not at the Rec, what are some things you like to do?
Spend time with my friends, family and binge watch Netflix shows


What fuels your shift? (music, food, people, etc.)
The people and my co-workers fuel my shift at the Rec.


What are you looking forward to?
Seeing how the rest of my life pans out and where life takes me.
What are your plans for the future?
To get a job after graduation as a corporate event coordinator.
Name your top 3 workout songs
Beyoncé: I ain’t sorry
Rihanna: Pon de Replay
Beyoncé: Formation


What is your best tip for health and wellness?
Always having self-love ❤


Fun Fact:
I am a sorority sister of Gamma Phi Beta.

Club Sport Spotlight: Tennis


Some of the Club Sports here on Oakland University’s campus are hard to spot. To be successful, they don’t always practice in a campus facility. The Tennis Club practices over at Life Time Fitness. When the weather is nice, they will practice at the RAOC upper fields on the tennis courts.

This club is split between Practice and Travel Squad, with 27 different members. The Practice Squad welcomes any level of tennis with no limit or maximum on who can join and practices with the team. It’s about having a good time doing what they love. In order to join the Travel Squad, members must go through a try out to be considered to go to matches and tournaments.

During this past fall semester, the Travel group was incredibly successful. The Club hosted it’s own tournament called Grizz Bash, attended the Midland Tournament at Saginaw Valley State University and also competed in the Bulldog Beatdown hosted by Ferris State University. At all three of these tournaments, the Oakland University Tennis Club took first place! They also recently attended the BIG 10 Tournament, which is hosted by Michigan State University.

The Tennis Club also hosted a match tournament this past weekend on March 12th at Life Time Fitness. They played against Eastern and University of Michigan Dearborn having two Oakland groups represented and Oakland Tennis took both first and second. This is an exciting win and for the President Jaclyn Nasir she hopes to remain successful and of course have fun in tournaments.

Biggest Loser Check-In

Halfway through the Biggest Loser program, spirits are high and results are already showing.

The past six weeks have consisted of early mornings, tough workouts and lots of meal planning. But the participants aren’t skipping a beat.

“I have lost enough weight that I am starting to see the difference,” said Brent Thompson, a participant in the Biggest Loser. “I have also had multiple people commenting that I look younger, have lost weight.”

To recap, the Biggest Loser has nine participants that have 15 or more pounds to lose. The participants go to group workouts (along with solo workouts), attend weekly weigh-ins, and must track their calorie intake.

The trainers are proud of everyone in their teams. Eileen McNally said her team has brought themselves to a point where they are all feeling better and stronger.  

“I am most proud of my team for taking care of themselves on their own,” said McNally, “For example, suggesting a healthier restaurant to go out to with friends or doing a face mask to relax.”

She loves that as a trainer, she helps the participants see the potential in themselves that they didn’t see before.

“The best part about being a trainer is knowing that you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on these individuals life,” said McNally, “This competition is intended to completely change someone’s lifestyle for the better. That’s a big deal! Another great part about being a trainer is witnessing the participants do a couple more reps or lift heavier weight than they thought they could. It’s so amazing to see them realize they are stronger than they think!”

We will check in with the participants after the final weigh-in. Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work!

Intramural Spotlight: Insiders Perspective


When playing Intramural Sports at OU Rec Well, not many people think about those that are officiating the games. These Oakland students are sport lovers that want to keep their passion alive by getting involved in IM’s further than just the ‘player’ status.

There is no doubt that for Andrew Katona and Nick Mardeusz, intramural’s have impacted their time here at Oakland. “Not only do I get to have fun playing sports and working the job, it has helped me get to know a lot of people. I can truly call my coworkers my second family,” Mardeusz states.

Although it is not always fun in games, a lot of work and preparation goes into preparing every official for the IM sports. Every time a new IM league comes around, every official on staff gets training and must know all the rules because that is what is expected of them. Those that work for intramurals have to have a lot of confidence in order to make calls.

“As officials and supervisors we make sure that the participants are following the rules to ensure that they stay safe but still have fun doing so,” Katona mentions while Mardeusz adds “It takes confidence and guts to walk out every night knowing half the players are going to hate your call while the other half are going to love it…but we love what we’re doing, if we didn’t, you wouldn’t see us out there every night.”

Even though these officials have fun in their jobs, they also enjoy playing intramural’s just as much. Katona’s favorite memory while playing was when he was on a Co-Rec flag football team “We ended up making it to the championships and it was quite the game. We won in overtime.”

Any official or player gets excited when talking about their passion for IM Sports “It’s a great stress relief for students and a great way to continue to have fun while being competitive. With multiple sports to offer, there’s no reason why you should never play in an intramural sport while you’re here at Oakland,” Mardeusz says.

Katona and Mardeusz both agree that their favorite sport to officiate is basketball. With how fast paced it is and the amount of competition that shows up to play, it makes the sport even more exciting for the two of them.

Intramural’s are a great way for Katona and Mardeusz to enjoy their time on Oakland’s campus at OU Rec Well as officials and players. With so much that is offered, there is so much to enjoy.

My Rec-flection: Why You Should Work at OU Rec Well

If presented with the opportunity, I encourage every OU student to work at OU Rec Well. It has been an incredible and extremely fun experience.

My name is Michaela Briscoe and I was hired as a Graphic Design Intern, January of 2016. Working for OU Rec Well opened many doors for me, both professionally and personally. I never expected to gain so many friends and skills from this internship. At the Rec an Intern is not just an extra body to get coffee, you get to create your own project and develop your ideas. You are encouraged to speak up and taught how to grow as a person and a professional. It is realistic office experience and an energetic environment.

I came into this job having no experience in design aside from my passion for art and learning new skills. Since last year alone, I have done designs for a campus wide program, which promoted fitness and wellness. I have filmed, directed, edited, and planned eleven employment videos while coordinating with my direct supervisor ,the Marketing Graduate Assistant and the Student Development Coordinator, while also organizing over twenty-five students to take part in the videos.

My first semester here I was intimidated by the sheer quantity of students that work at OU Rec Well. I wasn’t sure how to approach trying to learn so many names. One day, I felt like going a little out of my comfort zone and talking to someone. I walked up to the Service Desk and just asked her name and major. It wasn’t difficult but it made it easier and easier to make more friendships and connections.

Working at the Rec has also helped me discover and develop a few key skills that helped me obtain the full-time position I recently accepted with a consulting company. Time management is critical, especially working as a Graphic Design Intern, because the deadlines are generally a week or two weeks before a program is scheduled. Strong communication is a big part of meeting deadlines, communication is important in any position. When a person is a strong communicator they have part one of leadership down! Leadership is probably the biggest improvement I have made while working for OU Rec Well.

In the beginning of September I received an email inviting me to apply to the Emerging Leadership Program. I am a person who is always eager to improve and learn more; I applied and about a week later was accepted to the program, out of over one hundred applicants only thirty-six students were selected campus-wide. I felt extremely honored to have been selected. Now that the program is wrapping up I can say wholeheartedly I would not be the same person had I not gone through the Emerging Leadership Program. It helped me grow my network, gain insight from professionals who came in to speak, and it was a humbling experience to hear all of the stories for these highly successful people. It opened my eyes to see that with the right mentality I really can accomplish my dreams.

My life advice to you that I have learned from OU Rec Well is: don’t count yourself out for any opportunity even if you aren’t qualified. The worst that can happen is someone says no. If you are unsure how to do something, ask, a majority of people in the world are more than willing to take five minutes to help you. Setting goals is crucial to success, without a destination the journey has no meaning. Set several goals for all aspects of your life: short-term goals (one week, four weeks, and eight weeks) and long-term goals (one year, three years, and five years). Get out of your comfort zone! Take every opportunity to improve yourself, what makes humans unique is our ability to change, improve, and make a difference in the world.

I want to thank the Professional staff, the Graduate staff, and the Undergraduate students for helping me in so many ways over the past year. You are all amazing people and I am looking forward to seeing you all continue to make a difference in the world. To the Marketing Department, I love you all so much and will miss working and laughing with you. Christina, thank you for pushing me to constantly improve, gain new skills, and grow as a leader. Marie, thank you for helping me become the leader I am today. Finally Maura, thank you for being you, you helped me realize it is important to have down time to recoup. You are all wonderful leaders and supervisors and it was a privilege to work under you. Thank you OU Rec Well!!!