Instagram Stars of #OURecWell

We notice how hard you work. We notice that you care about your health goals and overall well-being. We notice you encourage others to be mindful and you empower those to start their own health journey. Yup—, as you can see, we have many dedicated students, staff, faculty, and community members who use the Rec … Continue reading Instagram Stars of #OURecWell


Enhance your Rec Center experience with Member Services

The member services desks at the Rec Center and Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex (RAOC) are primary resources for students, faculty and staff to rent or buy equipment to assist with and optimize their workouts. “Member services within Recreation and Well-Being is here to enhance any patrons experience, whether that’s scanning them into the building, … Continue reading Enhance your Rec Center experience with Member Services

BarBelles – The Women who Lift

Oakland University Recreation and Well-being is providing a beacon of hope for thousands of women on campus who wish to improve their health through strength training.  This new program known as the BarBelles is designed to help educate women on how to effectively and safely train with weights. Eileen McNally, the woman at the forefront of … Continue reading BarBelles – The Women who Lift

#ThisisOUCampusRec: The Biggest Loser Challenge

OU’s fitness program is promoting their version of The Biggest Loser Challenge for the New Year.   Break through stubborn plateaus and reach greater levels of fitness and health than you ever imagined! The program starts off with a provided fitness assessment offered between January 12th-January 17th followed by the official program start date on January … Continue reading #ThisisOUCampusRec: The Biggest Loser Challenge

GroupX Spotlight: Jill Dunphy

What formats of GroupX do you teach? Yin Yoga FFL Yoga (adaptive & therapeutic) - Yoga for Athletes - Restorative Yoga - Slow Flow Yoga  Schedule: Tuesday-5:30pm, Friday-9:30am Duration: 1 hour How long have you been teaching at the Rec? Since 2007 What is your favorite thing about teaching GroupX? Introducing people to yoga and meditation, watching … Continue reading GroupX Spotlight: Jill Dunphy

#ThisisOUCampusRec: Maintain Don’t Gain

Maintain Don’t Gain is back with a slightly new approach just in time for the holidays! As the seasons allow us to unwind and rekindle with loved ones, so does indulging in holiday themed, probably Pinterest inspired, delicious treats, just too appetizing to ignore. This becomes increasingly challenging when such indulgences are fueled by the … Continue reading #ThisisOUCampusRec: Maintain Don’t Gain

#ThisisOUCampusRec: The 2015 Annual Benefits & Wellness Fair

All are encouraged to attend The 2015 Annual Benefits and Wellness Fair hosted by the Rec Center, next Wednesday, November 4th.  A vast array of venders will be present, as well as provided flu shots, and unlimited GroupX classes free of charge! Those who attend are bound to discover fun and applicable knowledge that fuels … Continue reading #ThisisOUCampusRec: The 2015 Annual Benefits & Wellness Fair