Intramural vs. Club Sports

We know it’s confusing. What IS the difference between intramurals and club sports? It’s a question that we hear quite often at Oakland University Recreation and Well-Being. Now that everyone is back on campus for the fall, we are here to clear it up for you. TIME/COMMITMENT Getting involved in intramurals is a fun way … Continue reading Intramural vs. Club Sports


A Winning Weekend

Winning seemed to be last weekend’s trend for OU club teams. DIII Hockey and Vitality Dance each came up with huge wins (and huge trophies). Division III Hockey captured a National Championship last weekend and Vitality Dance won their competition at the University of Michigan, receiving first place in their dances for both Lyrical and … Continue reading A Winning Weekend

Indoor Triathlon at OU Campus Rec!

Feeling a little sluggish and blue this winter season?  The Rec is here to stoke the fire back in your inner athlete, with a healthy dose of competition.  Get your body revved up and ready for the 6th annual Indoor Triathlon, hosted by the OU Campus of Recreation Department of Club Sports, taking place Sunday, … Continue reading Indoor Triathlon at OU Campus Rec!

Club Sport Spotlight: Towbey Kassa

Towbey Kassa, is the Director of Athletic Solutions at Fathead and work heavily with Oakland Athletics with their graphics across campus. Kassa has played lacrosse since the 5th grade. After playing throughout his high school and university years here at Oakland, he got drafted to play in the Major Lacrosse League for the Chicago Machine's 2009 season. He is also … Continue reading Club Sport Spotlight: Towbey Kassa

Club Sport Spotlight: Tamara Hew

Tamara Hew has been the advisor to the Running Club since its inception. She is also a researcher and professor at Oakland University. We had the opportunity to catch up with her and speak about herself and her involvement with the Running Club. What do you do as an advisor? Hmm. Good question! Since the … Continue reading Club Sport Spotlight: Tamara Hew