Making it to the finish line with personal training

Do you agree one of the biggest challenges of going to the gym is finding the motivation to leave the house? According to Susan Mason, parent of an Oakland University student, the personal training program at Oakland's Recreation Center helped her conquer just that. Mason was tired of feeling discouraged and she wanted to make … Continue reading Making it to the finish line with personal training


The Best Stress Relievers on Campus

Finals are approaching. (Cue frenzied screaming.) In between frantically studying, working on final projects and presentations, and packing up your dorm, it can be hard to stop and sleep, much less relax. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some easy, convenient and inexpensive ways to relax on campus. Hammocks and benches around Bear Lake. When Michigan weather … Continue reading The Best Stress Relievers on Campus

GroupX Spotlight: HIIT Yoga (High Intensity Interval Training)

Meet Eileen! She teaches HIIT Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, which puts a new twist on practicing yoga. According to Eileen, the first 15-20 minutes of the class focuses on the HIIT and incorporates bodyweight exercises like push-ups, jump squats and mountain climbers. The last 30-35 minutes is designed to stretch out all the muscles … Continue reading GroupX Spotlight: HIIT Yoga (High Intensity Interval Training)

#ThisIsOURecWell: Personal Training

Are you interested in taking your workout a step further or do you just need extra motivation? Try working with one of our personal trainers. Personal trainers are certified and are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, health and fitness wise, as well as making exercise a part of your everyday life. They will … Continue reading #ThisIsOURecWell: Personal Training

Benefits & Wellness Fair 2016

46 businesses, organizations and nonprofits came together to promote wellness and share information about their services for our annual Benefits & Wellness Fair on Wed, Nov. 2. “The fair is a one stop shop to find information, resources, and services for various health and wellness topics,” Stephanie Willis, Wellness Coordinator, said. “It is also a … Continue reading Benefits & Wellness Fair 2016