GroupX Spotlight: Jill Dunphy

What formats of GroupX do you teach?

Yin Yoga FFL Yoga (adaptive & therapeutic) – Yoga for Athletes – Restorative Yoga – Slow Flow Yoga 

Schedule: Tuesday-5:30pm, Friday-9:30am

Duration: 1 hour

How long have you been teaching at the Rec?

Since 2007

What is your favorite thing about teaching GroupX?

Introducing people to yoga and meditation, watching their progress, helping them overcome injuries or to correct misalignments so they can ease into the practice and find the joy and peace of mind that comes from yoga. 

What made you want to teach GroupX?

I was recruited by the Rec Center because I was a student of Michael Johnson, one of the first yoga instructors at the Rec. 


#ThisisOUCampusRec: Maintain Don’t Gain

Maintain Don’t Gain is back with a slightly new approach just in time for the holidays! As the seasons allow us to unwind and rekindle with loved ones, so does indulging in holiday themed, probably Pinterest inspired, delicious treats, just too appetizing to ignore. This becomes increasingly challenging when such indulgences are fueled by the shopping stress of aggressive mall crowds. It’s okay to throw down in order to score the new rotisserie chicken roaster Aunt Helen had to have, but it’s all about balance. To combat the stress of finding deals, parking spaces, a turkey that will feed 40 people while still looking fabulous, this program is here to help!

By signing up you will receive weekly emails bringing awareness to the challenges that may threaten your physical and mental wellbeing throughout the holiday season. You will find in your inbox what is considered appropriate portion sizes, dealing with stress, incorporating physical activity, New Year’s Resolutions and more. This is not meant to overflow your email, but to merely send out quick tips and tricks once a week to keep you on track.

Setting the Foundation…

A pre-assessment will be provided to get a grasp on your weight, BMI, blood pressure and body fat %. With these guidelines, you will be equipped to make it out of the holidays without cursing each and every dinner role you were convinced you still had room for. After the start of the 2016 winter semester, we will catch up with you and conduct a post-assessment to determine how well you have managed to stay fit and healthy.

You can sign up during the Benefits and Wellness Fair that is taking place on November 4th 2015 or online. We hope you find this to be beneficial as you ring in the New Year healthy and happy. Enjoy the Holidays!

#ThisisOUCampusRec: The 2015 Annual Benefits & Wellness Fair

All are encouraged to attend The 2015 Annual Benefits and Wellness Fair hosted by the Rec Center, next Wednesday, November 4th.  A vast array of venders will be present, as well as provided flu shots, and unlimited GroupX classes free of charge!

Those who attend are bound to discover fun and applicable knowledge that fuels innovation to brighten their future. Over 50 venders will congregate in the 3-court gym, eager to provide information on the latest products and services geared toward improving your health and well-being.

Vendors include, A Place to Grow Chiropractic, Natural Recharge, Orangetheory Fitness, The Barre Code, The Brooksie Way, Vitamin Group and more than half a dozen Oakland University programs that promote healthy lifestyles, just to name few.


As well as providing copious amounts of wellness resources, GroupX classes are available to anyone at no cost (even yoga)! By encompassing this interactive portion of what the fair represents, attendants have the opportunity to discover creative ways to live an active lifestyle. Classes include, Zumba, Strength Training, Cycle, POUND, delivering a fun way to potentially combat extra pounds that commonly accumulate during the holidays!

Maintain… Don’t Gain…

While holiday weight gain remains a challenge for many, a new program known as, Maintain Don’t Gain will be available to join during this time as well. Those who sign up will receive weekly emails discussing the tips, tricks and challenges to be aware of during these special gatherings. Topics will cover, portion sizes, stress, difficult relatives, and more, that threaten to debunk your health and fitness goals.

Get Your Flu Shot…

To top it off, flu season is just around the corner, meaning flu shots will also be provided free of charge by the Visiting Nurse’s Association, with a valid insurance card. Accepted insurances include, Priority Health, BCBS, BCN, HAP, Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage and HealthPlus of Michigan.

As we strive to prepare Oakland University for another successful and healthy year, The 2015 Annual Benefits and Wellness Fair is highly anticipated and is sure to enhance the lives of all who attend.

GroupX Spotlight: Kerstin Alley

Kerstin Alley is a Yoga Instructor with over 12 years of experience and has been teaching at the Rec since 2010.  She is a strong advocate for letting the mind go and experiencing a release in order to allow creativity to flow in.

Days: Thursday & Sunday

Time: 5:30 PM

Where: Studio 919

Duration: 1 Hour

Description: Level 2 or 3. A vigorous, fast-paced cardiovascular yoga workout geared for the intermediate to advanced yoga enthusiast. This format will challenge your body and mind to reach new heights!

What format(s) of GroupX do you teach?

I teach all Yoga formats.  I am currently teaching Vinyasa Yoga.

What is your favorite thing about teaching GroupX?

Interacting with students, faculty and staff, sharing the beautiful practice of yoga and creating a space of health, breath and body awareness. 

“Yoga helps individuals not only gain balance, flexibility and strength but also provides an awareness of the unity between body, breath and spirituality.”

ThisisOUCampusRec: New GroupX Spotlights

Attention GroupX instructors and attendees! In response to vast array of GroupX classes now being offered, we are adding a new segment called #ThisisGroupX, where we will be spotlighting a class/instructor. This would be a great source to curb the curiosity of Rec members who have questions about what a class is all about or wanting more information on who is teaching.

I have known from my personal GroupX experiences, going into my first GroupX class can be nerve-racking. Though living an active lifestyle the majority of my life, I couldn’t avoid the growing sense of apprehension at the start of class coupled with a strong desire to prove myself. Thankfully here at the Rec we work extremely hard to promote a facility that encourages our patrons to have a happy, healthy and worry-free experience. We hope this additional information helps to discourage the nervous anticipation that is often accompanied with a new GroupX experience.

For GroupX instructors interested in getting their class highlighted, we will send you a template of questions telling our patrons a little bit about yourself, your experience with GroupX and what your class is geared towards. This will give our GroupX enthusiasts or those who are trying out your class for the first time a better idea of what to expect so they can really bring their A game!

We want you to enjoy all aspects of what the Rec center offers and aim to provide a judgment-free setting to assist in building a healthier and happier you! #ThisisOUCampusRec

#ThisisOUCampusRec- Lunch & Learns

Get tips and tricks on how to improve your health and fitness during your lunch break! The Rec Center offers several sessions throughout the Fall semester covering topics ranging from health and nutrition to tips on budgeting and staying organized.

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind your blood test and blood pressure results? The session held on November 10th, will teach you not only how these numbers impact your health, but also how to improve them. Discover appropriate changes in diet, exercise and different de-stress techniques, to live your life to its fullest potential.

With the holidays just around the bend, show your loved ones you care without feeling the strain of your bank account. Coming up on October 13th we will be discussing ways to shop smarter, while remaining in-line with your budget. This session called, “Improve your savvy shopping skills” is sure to be a good preparation course for the copious trips to the mall in the near future.

To keep the stress of the holidays at bay, our last session will be going over how to keep your life organized and collected. Presented by Professional Organizers, Donna Lindley and Kate Lionas, from Organize Your World, INC., this session will give you insight on how to free up your workspace and de-clutter your world around you, helping you find peace of mind.

We hope to see you there as we help each other build healthier and happier lives.

For more information, visit

#ThisisOUCampusRec: Walk-in Body Compositions

Have you ever been curious about where your fitness levels stand?  We can help with that!  The Rec Center offers Drop-in Body Compositions on the first Monday of every month. We will get your weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage and flexibility score. Just pay $5 at the Welcome Center and bring your receipt down to the Fitness Center and a Fitness Assistant will be ready for you. Time slots are from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. No appointment necessary, just show up within the times provided. This is a great way to start a training program or to merely keep an eye on your progress! The next Walk-in Body Comp is next Monday, October 5th.