Personal Trainer Prep Course Check-In

After wrapping up a seven week-long course, 14 students are now ready to move on to the next step of becoming a personal trainer.

A lot of people think it’s about lifting weights or doing cardio,” said Austin Standridge, fitness graduate assistant at the Rec Well who co-taught the course. “Personal trainers understand fitness is whole circle. Exercise includes much more than lifting weights and jogging on the track.”

Personal training can be a pretty sweet gig. Not only can people share their love of fitness with others, but the average yearly salary at a big corporate gym is $50,000 and personal trainers make their own hours.

In the personal trainer prep course hosted by OU Rec Well, Standridge said that a myriad of topics were covered, like exercise terminology and biomechanics. Half of the course took place in a typical classroom while the other half was spent applying practical knowledge from the classroom. Students also prescribed exercise to different clients with different needs.

Standridge said that he has complete faith that the students who took the prep course will pass the personal trainer certification exam “with flying colors”. In fact, one student has already been certified through ACSM. According to Standridge, most of the participants signed up to take certification exams in May.

“I hope students learned personal training is more than formulating an hour workout for a client,” Standridge said. “Personal training is about establishing a relationship with a client and achieving goals from there.”

OU Rec Well wishes everyone about to take a personal trainer certification exam the best of luck!


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