GroupX Spotlight: Yoga for Relaxation with Paula

What is the class? A slow-flow yoga class that encourages stretching and creating stillness.

When and where:

Days: Wednesday

Where: Studio 919

Duration: 1 hour


How does this class improve your body? Practicing yoga is great to gain strength and flexibility, however, my practice and in many of my classes we practice balance. Balance of the body, and balance of the mind as well.  Yoga encourages quieting the mind and developing stillness, which in this sometimes chaotic or over stimulated world of always being “on” or “plugged in”, it’s nice to learn how to create that balance and stillness to carry off your mat and into your daily life.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching GroupX classes? The students, their energy and the amazing transformation in their expressions and energy from the beginning to the end of class.   

What made you want to teach GroupX in the first place?  I was working with a trainer that taught spin classes and we weaved the spin class and my training sessions together, after the first class, I was hooked. Shortly after, I received a G.E.A.R Indoor Cycling certification to be able to teach as well.  Spin/Cycling and yoga are completely different and I enjoy both of them so much, that it’s an absolute joy to share them with our students.   


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