GroupX Spotlight: Yin Yoga with Mia

What is the class? Yin Yoga is a style that focuses on holding postures, or asanas, for an extended period of time.

When and where:

Days: Sunday

Where: Studio 919

Duration: 1 hour

How does this class improve your body? It challenges both the body, and mind to help maintain a peaceful and balanced state. The constant deep breathing in Yin Yoga helps to strengthen the body from the inside out.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching GroupX classes? My favorite thing about teaching GroupX classes is the sense of community. I have a few regulars at my classes now who are helping to create an awesome environment and a different experience each week. I love talking with my students after classes and getting to know them! It is one hour out of all of our weeks that it filled with nothing but peace, mindfulness, and great energy!

What made you want to teach GroupX in the first place? Yoga became a huge part of my life very quickly. It has helped me in so many ways and I continue to learn more about myself through my personal yoga practice each time I step onto my mat. I decided to teach GroupX with the hope that more people will try yoga and fall in love with it! I want to show everyone who takes one of my classes that yoga truly is for everyone and can benefit us in so many amazing ways!!


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