Club Sport Spotlight: Ultimate Frisbee



Every team has some sort of goal that they work towards in order to keep moving forward for the better. It is up to the officers of our Club Sports teams at Oakland University to keep the goals alive and motivate the members to strive to reach what they desire.

For those who do not know, Ultimate Frisbee is a sport where soccer meets handball on a football field with a disc instead of a ball. This type of sport is self refed, so a lot of mutual respect comes from the players which is important to have on the field. With this amount of sportsmanship, there is the phrase “spirit of the game” given to the fair play each player helps represent.

The Ultimate Frisbee Club and the President Tom Baranski embody the “spirit of the game” and have the current goal to grow the team in order to get to regionals. This would push the team so they can be a staple for the Ultimate Community in Metro-Detroit. Growing their team would also allow them into the USA Ultimate Association, which as Baranski states, “Is the governing body for Ultimate Frisbee and other disc sports in the United States.”

They are looking for individuals who are committed to the sport and are able to hold their balance, have strong hand-eye coordination as well as speed and other athletic abilities. The team holds tryouts at the beginning of Fall and Winter semester and the practice times vary based on the season and the weather.

Ultimate Frisbee is extremely excited to grow their team and continue to compete against teams in tournaments and scrimmages within the region to represent Oakland University.


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