Member Appreciation Month and Its Importance

MamTVEvery year Oakland University’s Recreation Center has Member Appreciation Month in February. This is a month filled with contests, prizes, freebies, and fun activities for members of the Recreation Center to participate in.

Many campus activities are limited to students, but this fun filled month is not limited to students. Any and all members of the Recreation Center are able to participate.

“During Member Appreciation Month, more than ever, our students are saying “thank you” to our members because we do truly value that they are coming in to use our facility and that in itself is something to appreciate,” said Charlotte, the Graduate Assistant for Member Services.

Many employees at the Rec get daily “thank yous” for helping members with questions or equipment, but member appreciation month is our time to thank those who make our work fun and uplifting.

“My favorite part about Member Appreciation Month is the social media contests,” says Elizabeth, Marketing Intern at the Rec, “The responses to our ‘Caption This’ photo were hilarious!”

Each day as members swiped into the Rec they were entered for a chance to win a weekly prize drawing. This year’s weekly prize give aways included adventure park tickets, movie tickets, horizon league tournament tickets and more. The members are usually pretty shocked when they win because there are so many people who come to the Rec each week.

“Being able to make someone’s week or day and knowing that have something to look forward to is always something I love in life… it’s the little things, Member Appreciation Month truly shows our members that we appreciate them and that we do the little things for them,” said Charlotte.

Member Appreciation Month is the Rec’s way of showing our patrons that we truly value them. Without our members we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be able to help improve their lives through health, wellness, and recreation.

The staff at the Rec thinks February is a great time of the year for Member Appreciation Month because it keeps patrons coming back after the excitement of New Year’s resolutions wears off and it keeps their moral up. Although Member Appreciation Month is only for one month, we want our patrons to know that we appreciate them all year long!


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