Biggest Loser Check-In

Halfway through the Biggest Loser program, spirits are high and results are already showing.

The past six weeks have consisted of early mornings, tough workouts and lots of meal planning. But the participants aren’t skipping a beat.

“I have lost enough weight that I am starting to see the difference,” said Brent Thompson, a participant in the Biggest Loser. “I have also had multiple people commenting that I look younger, have lost weight.”

To recap, the Biggest Loser has nine participants that have 15 or more pounds to lose. The participants go to group workouts (along with solo workouts), attend weekly weigh-ins, and must track their calorie intake.

The trainers are proud of everyone in their teams. Eileen McNally said her team has brought themselves to a point where they are all feeling better and stronger.  

“I am most proud of my team for taking care of themselves on their own,” said McNally, “For example, suggesting a healthier restaurant to go out to with friends or doing a face mask to relax.”

She loves that as a trainer, she helps the participants see the potential in themselves that they didn’t see before.

“The best part about being a trainer is knowing that you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on these individuals life,” said McNally, “This competition is intended to completely change someone’s lifestyle for the better. That’s a big deal! Another great part about being a trainer is witnessing the participants do a couple more reps or lift heavier weight than they thought they could. It’s so amazing to see them realize they are stronger than they think!”

We will check in with the participants after the final weigh-in. Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work!


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