Intramural Spotlight: Insiders Perspective


When playing Intramural Sports at OU Rec Well, not many people think about those that are officiating the games. These Oakland students are sport lovers that want to keep their passion alive by getting involved in IM’s further than just the ‘player’ status.

There is no doubt that for Andrew Katona and Nick Mardeusz, intramural’s have impacted their time here at Oakland. “Not only do I get to have fun playing sports and working the job, it has helped me get to know a lot of people. I can truly call my coworkers my second family,” Mardeusz states.

Although it is not always fun in games, a lot of work and preparation goes into preparing every official for the IM sports. Every time a new IM league comes around, every official on staff gets training and must know all the rules because that is what is expected of them. Those that work for intramurals have to have a lot of confidence in order to make calls.

“As officials and supervisors we make sure that the participants are following the rules to ensure that they stay safe but still have fun doing so,” Katona mentions while Mardeusz adds “It takes confidence and guts to walk out every night knowing half the players are going to hate your call while the other half are going to love it…but we love what we’re doing, if we didn’t, you wouldn’t see us out there every night.”

Even though these officials have fun in their jobs, they also enjoy playing intramural’s just as much. Katona’s favorite memory while playing was when he was on a Co-Rec flag football team “We ended up making it to the championships and it was quite the game. We won in overtime.”

Any official or player gets excited when talking about their passion for IM Sports “It’s a great stress relief for students and a great way to continue to have fun while being competitive. With multiple sports to offer, there’s no reason why you should never play in an intramural sport while you’re here at Oakland,” Mardeusz says.

Katona and Mardeusz both agree that their favorite sport to officiate is basketball. With how fast paced it is and the amount of competition that shows up to play, it makes the sport even more exciting for the two of them.

Intramural’s are a great way for Katona and Mardeusz to enjoy their time on Oakland’s campus at OU Rec Well as officials and players. With so much that is offered, there is so much to enjoy.


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