Employee Spotlight: Leah Vruggink

employee-spotlight-leah-vrugginkLeah Vruggink has been working for the Rec since 2014, and she is currently a building manager. She is a senior studying Pre-Physical Therapy.

Why did you want to work at the Rec?
I came here all the time as a freshman and I loved the environment.


What is your favorite part about working here?
My favorite part about working here are all the people I have met and the end of the year banquet.


What are your favorite Rec activities? (IM sports, GroupX, Street Teams, RLC, etc.)
IM sports! Especially outdoor soccer, basketball, and indoor soccer.


When you’re not at the Rec, what are some things you like to do?
I am watching New Girl on Netflix right now and other than that I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and eating.


What fuels your shift? (music, food, people, etc.)
I love walking around the building and talking with everyone during my shift.


What are you looking forward to?
Graduating! 🙂


What are your plans for the future?
I plan to apply to Physical Therapy school this summer and I hope to travel more in the future.


Name your top 3 workout songs
All Time Low- John Bellion
Let Me Hold You- Cheat Codes
Call on Me- Starley


What is your best tip for health and wellness?
Drink lots of water!


Fun Fact:
I am left handed.


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