Keeping the Spring (Break) in Your Step

spring-break-article-graphicSpring break should be all about relaxing, right? Well, yes and no. Before you laugh this off and keep scrolling through social media, hear us out.

Break should definitely be a time to catch up on sleep after the busy midterm study sessions, and a time to have lunch plans with a friend somewhere other than the dining hall. But just because you’re on break doesn’t mean you have to take a weeklong break from healthy eating and working out.

At the Rec, we believe that working out and eating right can help many areas of wellness, besides just physical. Going home or on a vacation during break can throw someone off of their normal schedule, but we are here to share some tips, tricks, and articles that may help keep you on track to meeting your health goals.

A major misconception people have about exercising is that you need a gym and the machines the gym offers. This is not necessarily true. There are plenty of videos online show you how to workout at home with little or no equipment at all.

Click here to watch the most efficient 8- minute HIIT Cardio Workout at home. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which is working out for a few seconds then taking a quick break and back to working out. Be careful though, as not all YouTubers have had proper training in the workouts they are teaching.

HIIT workouts aren’t made for everyone, so if you want to still workout over break but take it slower, there are some great yoga videos online, including Love Handles Workout At Home: 30-minute Yoga Fusion. Once again, make sure to take it slow and don’t push your body further than it can go.

In addition to keeping up with a regular workout schedule, it is important to keep up with healthy eating habits. Some people may be having Netflix marathons on their couch; some may be taking road trips, and some might going on fancy cruises. No matter where you during break, you need to eat. You might be snacking more than usual because of “free time” or maybe you’re planning on eating at a lot of restaurants.

There are plenty of foods available at your typical grocery store, or that you can order from restaurants that are delicious, healthy, and usually pretty affordable. For instance, someone who might be binge-watching season upon season of their favorite show on Netflix might want to slowly munch on some snacks. Cut up veggie sticks are high in vitamins and fiber. Dipping those veggies in an avocado dip could help improve cholesterol levels.

While not everyone will be at home, some may want healthy restaurant options. Salmon, which is high in omega-3, can help lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Road Trip snacks? Say no more; we’ve got you covered! Nuts are the ultimate car trip snack. They are easy to transport, don’t need to be kept hot or cold, and can be kept in a small container in the cup holder. Tree nuts have nutrients, fiber, and unsaturated fats.

For more healthy eating tips to follow over break click here. Remember to kick back and relax, but don’t lose sight of your goals.








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