Go Red Week


Go Red Week was filled with activities that promoted heart health. OU Recreation and Well-Being teamed up with Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine to host a few of the Go Red Week Events.

All together there were four events between January 30 and February 3. The four events consisted of the Health Fair, Show Your Heart Some Love workshop, OU Mini-Heart Walk, and the Go Red Dance Jam.

Students and faculty alike attended the Health Fair in Fireside Lounge in the Oakland Center on January 30. There were a variety of tests that the OU community could go through if they were interested. Cholesterol screening, blood glucose screening, blood pressure screening, body fat percentage screening, smoking cessation information and flexibility testing were available.

The second event of Go Red Week was the Show Your Heart Some Love workshop. This workshop discussed how heart disease is linked to a variety of factors. Some of these factors include inflammation, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, smoking, stress, and age. The workshop provided individuals a new understanding of what diet and supplementation, an active lifestyle, and stress management can mean to their overall health.

OU Rec Well hosted the OU Mini-Heart Walk on February 1. Participants could walk on the indoor track and have their blood pressure screenings done. In addition, participants could honor a loved one by posting a paper heart to the heart health tribute wall.

The week ended with the Go Red Dance Jam. It took place in Studio 919 of the Rec where members of the OU Community danced their hearts out to the pumped up music. Many participants showed their support for Go Red Week by wearing red clothes while showing their hearts some love.






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