Intramural Spotlight: Inner Tube Water Polo



Why is Inner tube Water Polo such a big deal? Well for starters it’s one of the newest Intramural Sports offered here at Oakland University’s Recreation Center. This difficult sport is made easy with inner tubes, making it even more adaptable for college students to try something they most likely wouldn’t try anywhere else!

With the deadline to register for this sport quickly approaching on March 9th, here are a few things you may need to know before you sign up for this exciting water sport.

In order to register you will need a minimum of four players and a maximum of ten to play. There is also a $15 fee per team as well. The game is played 7v7 including a goalkeeper and you must be an OU student in order to play.

The rules of the game are quite simple, other than trying to float and paddle your way around the pool trying to score on the opposing team. All players must sit on an inner tube at ALL times lazy river style and you CANNOT flip other player’s tubes.

This league will run from March 13th until April 4th so make sure you sign up by the deadline in order to experience this awesome activity here at OU Rec Well at




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