Club Sport Spotlight: Women’s Club Basketball


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One year down, many more to go! It is easy to find many Oakland University students who are officers of a Club Sport or even an Organization here on campus, but how many students do you know can say they successfully started a brand new Club Sport team?

For the President that started it all, Lindsey Pleiness, it was not as challenging to create the team as she initially thought but there are still some barriers. To start, all that was needed was interested students willing to join and dedicate time to the team. Also, there is a need to find a faculty member willing to help guide them, but it still involved making some sacrifices in order to effectively run the team.

“It’s tough managing school, work, and a club sport. Time is not on our side very often,” Pleiness says “A big part of our improvement now is because the club is no longer ‘new’ and we have established rules and regulations.”

One of the toughest parts for Pleiness in running the club was finding the perfect practice time so that everyone could attend. It was important for them this year to get the schedule out early to plan around classes and work related conflicts for the team.

“It’s not like athletics where you make your schedule around practices, or high school when everyone gets out at once. Everyone is on a different schedule,” Pleiness mentions.

Women’s Club Basketball has been successful this year; getting the opportunity to play at the Palace against Grand Valley before the Pistons game this week on February 10th as well as the officers are already planning on some goals for next year.

“I want to create and establish a league for next season. I’ve been working towards it and pieces are starting to fall into place to get game options that don’t involve hours of travel.”

With so much potential in this club’s future, the officers have already learned so much in regards to keeping the team up and running. There is not only worrying about practicing and scheduling games, there is also finances, fundraisers to plan, community involvement hours and so much more outside the locker room.

One thing this new and effective leader has learned is “The sooner you plan, the better. We handle everything no matter how big or small. Cramming in the necessities in a short period of time is too much and too stressful.”

This advice that Pleiness has is beneficial to anyone interested in starting a Club Sport here on campus through OU Rec Well. Taking from someone who has experience in the ups and downs of being an officer at Oakland University is one of the most valuable things to do if becoming an officer of any organization is of any interest.


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