Intramural Spotlight: The Ice Holes

IM-Spotlight-(1-23-2017) (1).png

Every year, OU Rec Well grows their intramural sports a little bit further. It is a widely popular activity to get involved on campus and stay active in friendly competition. Many students frequently find themselves getting wrangled up in an intramural sport by their friends or just by the interest to play a sport, even if part of it is just for some bragging rights.

Intramurals are in fact so much fun that some students participate in multiple leagues on the same team throughout the semester and school year. That is just the case for one student, Franklin Kennamer, who originally started playing his freshman year when his floor in one of the Residence Halls created a flag football team. The team was just the beginning of his passion for IM sports. He has played flag football every year during his undergrad and now graduate school.

Kennamer, shortly after his first experience, created his own well-known IM team called ‘The Ice Holes’ that has been around since 2012. The team went on to win their first championship in Co-rec dodge ball that year and that has become his favorite memory thus far in IM sports.

Now, ‘The Ice Holes’ have participated in multiple sports such as flag football, soccer, dodge ball, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and softball having been signed up OVER 50 TIMES in these leagues in the past 6 years. Although, one sport he has yet to try with the team is inner tube water polo.

“I’m really interested in trying it because water polo is something I’ve never done before. I’m really glad OU Rec Well is expanding the types of sports they offer,” Kennamer points out.

With how many Intramural Leagues OU Rec Well provides it is easy for students to get involved at least once throughout their time here at Oakland University. Students who have participated understand the love for Intramural leagues just like Kennamer does.

“IM Sports at OU has enriched my experience because I’ve been able to use the sports as a way to connect to people I normally wouldn’t interact with. Yes, college is about education, but it’s also about meeting new people and trying new things. Intramurals gives you the opportunity for both.”

Here at OU Rec Well, Intramurals are frequently advertised to get the whole campus involved and as Kennamer points out, “Who knows, you could discover that you’re really good at something!” With this in mind, find the next intramural sport on our list and sign up today at


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