GroupX Spotlight: Strength Circuits

Group Spotlight: Strength Circuits with Katie


What is the class?

I run the class through 3-4 different circuits (depending on the length of the class) that focus on different muscle groups to create a total body workout. I like to do a variety of exercises such as kicks, punches, squats, push-ups etc to have a balance of things that are familiar and different to mix it up and add my own brand on it.


When and where:

Days: Thursdays at 5:30 pm and Fridays at 6:30 am.

Where: Studio 897

Duration: Thursdays: 1 hour Fridays: 45 minutes


How does this class improve your body?

This class uses a variety of equipment (it changes week to week) to develop muscular strength and endurance.


What’s your favorite thing about teaching GroupX classes?

I love being able to help out the people who take my class, by correcting form, teaching them about the muscle groups different exercises work, and helping them grow in their fitness journey. It has been a lot of fun seeing the people who come to class regularly since I started teaching and seeing how they have progressed over the past few semesters.


What made you want to teach GroupX in the first place?

I have been training/teaching martial arts for years. I have loved helping out the lower ranks and working with them to improve their technique. When I came to OU for college GroupX was a natural progression for me to take and it has continued to allow me to develop my leadership and teaching skills.


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