Club Sport Spotlight: Men’s Rugby and Developing Team Leaders

It is not new that Student Organizations on campus are student led, and it is no different for the Club Sports teams represented through Recreation and Well-Being.

Many of the Club Sports at Oakland University are represented at a high professional level just by the way the team is managed. A fantastic example of this is the Men’s Rugby Club Sport team. With newly added roles, the growing team is benefiting from the increased responsibilities.

The Club consists of about 45 current members and counting. They have two squads, A and B, ran by a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Paul Mondalek, the current President, and the other officers recently have decided to select Team Leaders for an additional helping hand.

According to Mondalek, “The board created these positions that do not have the same roles as the initial officers, but are in charge of different groups with the A and B squads.”

These leaders are carefully selected from those who have participated in previous seasons and have accomplished achievements that have been set for them by the officers. As long as the individual has completed one season, he is up for consideration to take on this role for their team.

Adding the new Team Leader role also encourages members to be more involved in the Club.

“There is always room for growth on the team, regardless of being an Officer, Team Leader, or a regular player,” Mondalek says. “Other players will see the continued push from the higher ranked players and begin to strive for those same accomplishments.”

With this model of having Team Leaders, the results have been significant for the team. The duties of the President and other officers quickly pile up, and with the help of the other members on the team, it is a great improvement with the management aspect of the Club with a lot of paperwork, dues and other tasks being handled in a more efficient manner.

Men’s Rugby is setting the bar enormously high with this new team structure. Mondalek also gives one key of advice: “Do not pick favorites. Pick someone who will continually push and help your team grow in the best way possible.”

This Club is an illustration to how valuable reoccurring members can be with Club Sports and Organizations, making the officers a prime example on how to manage a large team here on Oakland’s growing campus.


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