Employee Spotlight: Faith Brody

employee-spotlight-faith-brodyFaith Brody started working at the Rec in January of 2017. She is a social media intern. She is a senior majoring in journalism.


Why did you want to work at the Rec?

I wanted to hone my social media skills and I enjoy writing about wellness and fitness.


What is your favorite part about working here?

The people are awesome!


What are your favorite Rec activities? (IM sports, GroupX, Street Teams, RLC, etc.)

GroupX (especially yoga!)


When you’re not at the Rec, what are some things you like to do?

Read and play with my pups


What fuels your shift? (music, food, people, etc.)



What are you looking forward to?

Getting my student loans paid off (in 50 years…)


What are your plans for the future?

Landing a good job, traveling and adopting a lot of dogs


Name your top 3 workout songs

Closer by The Chainsmokers, Non-stop by Hamilton, She Looks So Perfect by 5SOS


What is your best tip for health and wellness?

Drink a ton of water and sleep at least 8 hours a night.


Fun Fact:

I took piano lessons for 5 years.


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