Stay on track with ‘Maintain Don’t Gain’

mdg-tv-slide-blueBack again for the holiday season is Oakland University Recreation and Well-Being’s Maintain Don’t Gain program, which began Monday, Nov. 21 and runs through Friday, Jan. 6, 2017.

“Maintain Don’t Gain is a program that we do right before the holiday season starts,” Stephanie Willis, coordinator for wellness at the Rec Center and the director of the program, said. “It’s a program to help keep participants accountable for staying on track with their health and fitness goals throughout the holidays.”

The free program is marketed toward Oakland University employees, but all students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate. Participants receive weekly emails with tools and resources, as well as tips and tricks, about how to maintain their weight during the holiday season when it’s easy to overindulge and fall off track.

Topics include things like ideas for outdoor winter activities to burn calories and healthy recipes, which each week providing new information and ideas.  

Participants could also get a free pre-assessment the week prior to the program’s start, which included measuring weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage, along with reading blood pressure and heart rate.

“When the program finishes, participants have the option, if they had the pre-assessment done, to come back for a post-assessment,” Willis said. “It assess the same things and allows them to compare their numbers.”

Willis added that the program, which has been held by the Rec Center during the holiday season for several years, is successful for employees in terms of maintaining their weight, and some even end up losing a pound or two. She emphasized, though, that the program is not intended to be for weight loss.

“We just want to send that message to participants and encourage them to maintain their health. So many employees do so great during the semester with staying on track, and it can be easier to fall out of the habit when we have time off,” Willis said. “We want to give people the option to set up a realistic goal for themselves and maintain their healthy habits during a time when it’s easy for them to slip.”

Although they won’t be able to receive a pre-assessment, those interested in participating in the program can still sign up to receive emails by filling out this form.


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