#ThisIsOURecWell: Personal Training

Are you interested in taking your workout a step further or do you just need extra motivation? Try working with one of our personal trainers.

Personal trainers are certified and are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, health and fitness wise, as well as making exercise a part of your everyday life. They will also monitor your progress and will give you the knowledge and tools to be comfortable in any fitness setting.

“Having a personal trainer is good because they can hold you liable for your goal(s),” Austin Standridge, Fitness Graduate Assistant, said.

There is a packet available online which includes more information about the personal training program including policies, packages and pricing and forms that must be completed before training begins. To help us find the best fit for you, you can include your availability on the packet.

“The better range of availability a person has, the better because, what a lot of people don’t understand is, a lot of our personal trainers are also students as well,” Standridge said.  He also added that the better available a person is, then the better they can be matched to a personal trainer.

Along with the registration form, there is also a health history questionnaire which asks for your general health information along with medical history and cardiovascular risk factors, if any.  

Standridge stressed the importance of knowing and understanding your health history because exercise can increase a person’s risk for injuries.

According to the New York Times, some complications with exercise include injuries to the bones and muscles, dehydration, hyperthermia (overheating) and a lack of motivation. With that being said, there are more positives than negatives when it comes to exercise but it’s important to know your limits.

Once the packet is complete, you can return it to the Welcome Center or to a Fitness Programs representative with your personal training package selection and payment.

View the Trainer Packet 👉🏼 https://wwwp.oakland.edu/Assets/Oakland/recwell/files-and-documents/Full%20PT%20Packet.pdf 

Fitness Assessments:

Fitness Assessments will be required to complete so the personal trainer can gather information about your current fitness level, which will help to set and establish realistic fitness and health goals.

    • A fitness assessment includes the following:
      • A health risk appraisal
        • A questionnaire about your overall health and wellness
      • Body composition and fitness testing
        • After completing the health risk appraisal, you will go through a series of tests to determine your overall physical health (including weight, height, body circumferences and cardiovascular endurance). Fitness testing takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • Cost:
    • Students: $25
    • Non-students/members: $30
    • No call/no show – a $15 cancellation fee
  • Appointment times:
    • Appointments are made based on availability
    • To make an appointment, send an email to Austin Standridge astandridge@oakland.edu or call 248-370-4954


Types of Training:

  • Individual Personal Training
    • Work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to reach your exercise goals.  The trainer will provide valuable tools in improving your overall health and wellness. Packages must be purchased in a minimum of 3 sessions.


3 Sessions 7 Sessions 10 Sessions
Students $85 $175 $240
Non-Student Members $105 $220 $300


  • Buddy Personal Training
    • Bring a friend to train with as a personal trainer guides you in exercises and helps you both achieve perfect form and technique. With the buddy personal training, you get the benefit of training with a friend and a personal trainer at a discounted price.


3 Sessions 7 Sessions 10 Sessions
Students $50/buddy $95/buddy $110/buddy
Non – Students $75/buddy $150/buddy $185/buddy


  • Group Personal Training
    • Group Personal training is designed for individuals who want a personal trainer but can’t afford the price of an individual session. Group Personal Training meets twice a week for a total of five weeks.  In order to start the sessions, there is a requirement of a minimum of 4 registered participants and interested parties must make their own groups.


10 Sessions + Fitness Assessment
Students $130/person
Non-Student Members $130/person


Have any questions?

View the website or contact Austin Standridge, the Fitness Graduate Assistant, at 248-370-4954 or astandridge@oakland.edu  


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