GroupX Spotlight: Belly Dancing


Meet Natasha! She teaches Belly Dancing every Thursday. Belly Dancing is known as the world’s oldest dance form and can help improve posture, balance, coordination, core strength and flexibility.  According to Natasha, this class teaches the dancer to not only isolate, but to have control over the muscles.

GroupX Format: Belly Dancing

Instructor: Natasha O’Donnell

What is the class:  

Belly Dancing conditions the body and involves stretching, muscle isolations and drills.  Whether your goal is to have fun, increase physical activity or perform, Belly Dancing will have you laughing and burning calories in no time!  All are welcomed.  It’s never too late! Start dancing!!!  

When & where  

  • Days: Thursday at 8 p.m
  • Where: Studio 897

Duration: 1 hour

Favorite thing about teaching GroupX?  

I love the Oakland University atmosphere.  Every person that comes into my class has preconceived notions about Belly Dance.

What made you want to teach GroupX?  

The variety of people.  OU’s GroupX provides diversity due to the student and staff population.  I love that a person male or female, young or not so young, athletic or not can come into my class and learn the art form that I love so much; Belly Dance.   



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