A Successful Spooktacular Dance Party


The OU Spooktacular Dance Party was a huge success! A big thanks to those of you who came out and had a great time.  

Our theme this year was halloween and participants came dressed in their finest costume or wore orange and black attire.  The O’rena was decked out with halloween decor and a photobooth. The Grizz also showed off some of his moves and participants were fairly impressed.

Three of OU’s favorite GroupX instructors, Ashlynn Law, Erin Davidson and Ron Benbow, were taking turns teaching the class for 30 minutes each.  The three instructors set the tone for a unique, diverse and well-worth experience. The wide range of movements and music kept the participants challenged and ready for more.

Ashlynn Law’s favorite part of the dance party was that she was able to collaborate and plan for the dance party with the other instructors. Even though they created their own routines, they all worked together to create a cohesive and easy to learn choreography.

According to Law, music at the dance party ranged from old to new music but more of what she calls the “U.S. top 50 hits.” Music that was also played included latin style and traditional zumba music.

In terms of the moves that were taught, the moves ranged from salsa moves to hip-hop and old jazz. There was also one routine that featured a little bit of ballet in it.

“It was all different kinds of dance moves combined together but mostly just simple and easy to follow moves,” she said.

According to her, the participants caught on to what was taught fairly quickly.  Because many of the participants have taken at least one of the instructors GroupX classes, following along was easy and they understood that basis of the moves shown.

With fitness in general, Law finds it very important to be in shape but to also love what you do to stay in shape.

“I find it very important to care about your overall health and wellness but I feel its very important to do something you love, not just to do it because you think you need to,” said Law.

If you missed out on this unique and fun experience, then be on the lookout for more of our fitness events and programs.  👉🏼  https://wwwp.oakland.edu/recwell/fitness/fitness-programs/


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