Featuring: New Fitness Annex


The Fitness Annex opened on October 24th and is an extension of the fitness center geared towards functional fitness based exercise.

The Fitness Annex is available for personal workouts, TRX classes, and indoor cycling classes.

TRX classes are intense metabolic workout sessions that use TRX suspension trainers. They start off by working your lower body, then upper body, and end with core exercises. Due to the nature of classes, the bigger space will provide opportunities for more members to participate and allow them more space.

A variety of cycling classes will be available to take in the annex. These classes are cardiovascular workouts that are designed to get your heart pumping. These classes will have you moving to the beat of the music while sprinting, climbing, jumping, and isolating on a stationary bike.

This space was originally racquetball court three, four, and five and now has many upgrades designed to fit its new purpose. The wall that divided court three and court four was torn down to make a more open space.

A smaller opening between court 4 and court 5 was also added with large sliding doors to divide the rooms. The doors will remain open to allow patrons to utilize more open area for personal workouts unless a cycling class is in session.

The new annex has rubber flooring, battle ropes, TRX wall anchors, a large functional fitness unit, dumbbells, barbells, cable machines, rowing machines, a large ceiling fan, and more.

Upcoming classes in the Fitness Annex are scheduled and posted on oakland.edu/recwell. To find out more about the new Fitness Annex, come visit the Rec. The annex is located on the lower level past courts one and two.



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