Group Exercise Instructor Prep-Course Check-In

GXI Prep course Facebook Event .jpg

The Group Exercise Instructor six-week prep course is well underway! Those who are interested in teaching group exercise are currently receiving the basic knowledge necessary to get certified through a nationally recognized group exercise certification program.  The prep course covers topics such as how to actually teach a group exercise class, exercise physiology, program design and more.   

According to Erin Davidson, the Fitness Programs and Services Coordinator, there is a total of seven students registered in the class.  The prep course has been going on since early October and the participants have learned so much already.

“We have worked on a lot of cueing and the types of cueing (motivational, anatomical, form, breathing, etc.), how to teach a proper warmup and cooldown, voice projection, musicality and have gone over strength based formats so far,” Davidson said. “Participants have had to design their own strength based format.”

Davidson added that teaching group exercise is an awesome way to build a resume, get public speaking experience, inspire others to do something good for their bodies and have fun!

With the remaining time left in the prep course,there is still a lot to be covered. Upcoming topics include how to modify and progress exercises, choreography, cycle, kickboxing and dance formats. According to Davidson, the participants will also have a final test out.  

Once the prep course ends on Nov. 16, the participants are offered to enroll in a nationally recognized certification program.  

The last thing Davidson shared for those interested in teaching group exercise was “if you are passionate about fitness, it is an awesome opportunity to get involved and inspire others!”

“It pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to be creative,” she said.

Keep a lookout for other fitness programs and events by visiting our website.


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