GroupX Spotlight: Zumba + Dance Fusion

Dance Fusion Social Media.jpg

Meet Ashlynn! She teaches both Zumba and Dance Fusion here at OU Rec Well.  Zumba combines high-energy and motivating music with easy to follow moves for a cardio-dance workout.  According to her, Dance Fusion is a choreographed class that incorporates cardio and strength.  In order to get a total workout in Dance Fusion, dance moves along with an aerobic step, weights and other fitness equipment are used.

GroupX format: Zumba and Dance Fusion

Instructor: Ashlynn Law

When and Where:

Zumba – 6:30 p.m on Tuesdays in Studio 919

Dance Fusion – 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays  in Studio 897

Duration: 1 hour each

What is your favorite thing about teaching GroupX?

My favorite part is getting to know my students and meeting new people.

What made you want to teach GroupX?

I wanted to teach group exercise in order to share my love for dance and fitness with others.


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