Enhance your Rec Center experience with Member Services

thumb_img_0050_1024The member services desks at the Rec Center and Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex (RAOC) are primary resources for students, faculty and staff to rent or buy equipment to assist with and optimize their workouts.

“Member services within Recreation and Well-Being is here to enhance any patrons experience, whether that’s scanning them into the building, making sure they have active memberships, selling new memberships or selling them lockers,” Coordinator of Member Services, Bill Singleton, said. “And answering questions about our programs and services, that’s our biggest thing.”

Singleton explained that just under 30 student employees work in the three areas of member services – the welcome center on the upper level of the Rec Center, the service desk at the lower level and the service window at the RAOC. He described the staff as a “jack of all trades,” because they know a little bit about everything and can always direct people in the right place.

“One of the things we’re stressing this year with our staff as far as customer service is creating wow moments for people, so making sure we answer any questions they have and if we can’t figure it out, going one step further to find that answer,” Singleton said. “We pride ourselves on that customer service aspect and making sure we’re that touch point for everyone that comes into the building.”

Rec Center members may not necessarily see the fitness, aquatic or intramural staff every time they enter the building or outdoor complex, but they will most likely see or interact with someone from member services. Singleton knows the importance of this, and that’s why member services focuses so heavily on making sure members have a positive experience.

In addition to customer service, member services also has items patrons can rent or buy. Members must have their ID to rent out and return items, and all rented items must be returned back to the service desk by the time it closes.

Singleton said popular items that the member services desk at the Rec Center rents out are foam rollers, yoga mats and basketballs, but they also rent out TRX cables, locks and lockers, and additional workout equipment.

While the welcome center is open during all hours of operation of the Rec Center, the service desk and RAOC service window aren’t. The service desk opens at 7:30 a.m. until the building closes from Monday through Friday, and on the weekend, it’s open the entire time the building is open. The service window at the RAOC is open from 2 to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 2 to 8 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekend. The service window will close for the season on Oct. 31.

Below is a full list of all rental and retail items offered at the Rec Center and RAOC.


Men’s/women’s basketballs

Soccer balls



Table tennis paddles

Full and half foam rollers

Jump ropes

Weight belts

Dip belts

Bosu balls

Resistance bands/tubes

Stability discs

TRX suspension sets

TRX workout binder

Life jacket

Aqua joggers


Yoga mats

Hand paddles

Boxing gloves

Sliding disks



Racquetball racquets*

Badminton racquets*

Day locks*


Soccer balls



Giant Jenga



Tennis rackets**

Disc golf set**

*items cost 50 cents to rent

**items cost $1.00 to rent


1-month half locker $5.00

1-month full locker $10

4-month half locker $15

4-month full locker $30


Swim Essentials

Nose clip $2.50

Silicone goggle strap $2.75

Swim cap $5.00

Bungee goggle strap $5.50

Speedo sprint goggles $10.00

Force swim gloves $10.00

Workout Essentials

Socks (men’s and women’s) $1.50

Workout towel $1.50

White T-Shirt (medium and large) $3.75

Athletic tape $4.50

Ear buds $5.00

Yoga socks $10.00

Blender bottle $10.00

Just The Basics

Hair tie $0.25

Table tennis ball $0.50

Water $1.50

Gatorade (multiple flavors) $1.75

Muscle Milk (multiple flavors) $2.00

Clif Builder’s Bar (multiple flavors) $2.00

Bath towel $6.00


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