#ThisIsOURecWell: The Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex

Want to enjoy the fall weather while running or walking the track, playing tennis or practicing for your club sport? Come by the Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex (RAOC) before it closes for the season on Tuesday, November 1.

The RAOC offers 8 tennis courts, the Grizzly Oaks Disc Golf course , a soccer field and The Recreation Superfield (i.e .1 full soccer field and 3 IM size fields) to practice and compete for club and intramural sports.

The Grizzly Oaks Disc Golf course is located East of the RAOC (i.e. near the track facility) and is available to everyone in the OU community. Totaling almost 5,000 feet, the course includes 18 holes, with 9 of them being over 200 feet and 4 of them being over 300 feet.  Hole 1 is located up the hill from the three-way stop at Meadow Brook Road and E. Oakland. The hole design and layout takes advantage of the environment by offering a wide variety of angles and shot selection to complete each hole.

Those who drive to the course are encouraged to park in P-11 (near the George T. Matthews Apartments) or a designated parking space. Vehicles aren’t permitted to park alongside Meadowbrook Road or in the grassy area around the space.

Before heading to the course, don’t forget to print a scorecard! Visit the website to view and print the scorecard, https://wwwp.oakland.edu/Assets/Oakland/recwell/files-and-documents/RAOC/GrizzlyOaksScoreCard.pdf.

There is also a support building, located in between the turf fields and the track facility, which has men’s, women’s and gender neutral restrooms, a drinking fountain and an equipment checkout window.

For more information about the RAOC and its policies, visit our website https://wwwp.oakland.edu/recwell/recreation-facilities/outdoor-complex/

Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex Hours:

Rec Fields Tennis Courts/Track Disc Golf Course
Mon – Thurs Dawn – 10 p.m. 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Dawn – Dusk
Fri – Sun Dawn – 8 p.m. 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Dawn – Dusk

** Please note: Members of the Recreation Center have access to the Outdoor Complex, except when they are reserved for organizational use. **




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