Find yOUr Fit


Starting a new school can be nerve wracking and exciting. You’re hoping to make new friends, get involved on campus and not gain the dreaded “freshman 15.”

Find yOUr Fit was designed for first year freshman, transfer and graduate students to help acquaint them with the OU Recreation and Well-Being. The event took place on September 13, 2016 from 3 to 6:30 p.m.

Information tables lined the Rec Center halls. Employees, club sport officers and volunteers were ready to discuss the wellness center, job opportunities, rec center amenities, clubs and programs. Students could pick up a Find yOUr Fit passport at check-in and get it signed at each station. If they got enough signatures they could get some OU Swag and Chipotle snacks.

Wellness Ambassadors were on hand to discuss all the benefits of the wellness center. De’Janae Goings mentioned that some very popular programs are the nutrition and mindful eating programs. The program helps people learn many facts about the nutritional values of food and portion control.

“I see a lot of people doing hookah in the OC and professors doing it,” De’Janae added, “but it’s a smoke free campus and it affects people around you”. The Wellness station had a display about how unhealthy smoking can be to not just the smoker, but the people around as well.

Friends and roommates had their pictures taken at the photo booth and then they could stop by and sign the Clean Slate Banner. The Clean Slate banner was made for students and employees to write their goals down as a new beginning. Participants wrote about trying to get more sleep or improving eating habits.

One freshman, Samuel Bookmyer, thinks the best part of the Recreation Center is just going to stay active and fit. He signed up for intramural sports on the spot!

In addition to intramural sports sign up, there were meet and greet with the club sports representative. President of the OU Figure Skating Club, Veronica Heitz, said that the club is a great way to makes friends. They prefer people have skating experience, but it is not required.

The Ultimate Frisbee Club President and Captain, Tom Baranski, said his favorite thing about the club, besides the sport, is the people.

“It’s a fun sport for everyone,” Tom added, “It’ll probably be in the 2024 Olympics”.

There were lawn games and giant Jenga on the lower level. Employees had a good time getting new members of the campus involved. Students got to meet new people, find out how to get involved and the benefits that the OU Rec Well offers.



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