Walk with Campus Leaders returns for 2nd year at OU Rec Well



Sometimes catching a break from work during the day is tough, even at lunch.

Many employees are accustomed to eating lunch at their desks, while continuing to not only engage in work-related activities, but also remain stationary.

The OU Rec Well’s Walk with Campus Leaders program aims to resolve this problem by getting employees out of the office with a brief, casual walk around campus, accompanied by key leaders in various departments around campus.

“The point of the program is to have different leaders guide the walks in a no-work talk setting,” Kelsey Zuchowicz, graduate assistant for fitness and wellness at the OU Rec Well, said. “The program provides a nice retreat in the middle of the day so that the employees have an opportunity to be both active and enjoy a scenic route of campus.”

Walk with Campus Leaders is open to all students, faculty and staff and doesn’t require any registration. It started in fall of 2015 as a way to get more people to participate in the Rec Well’s programs by targeting people outside of those existing programs already reach, Zuchowicz explained.

The walks last about 30 to 40 minutes and allow employees to “stay active but not do anything that’s too strenuous and doesn’t take too much time,” she added.

“Different employees in senior level positions are recruited by myself and asked to lead the walks so employees have more opportunities to get to know individuals on campus,” Stephanie Willis, coordinator for wellness and educational outreach at the Rec Well, said. “Also, it makes the routes interesting because every leader has the freedom to develop their own path.”

In terms of well-being, Zuchowicz said the program promotes all aspects of it.

“Not only is it physical well-being because you’re walking,” she said, “but also emotional, social and even work-life balance of occupational well-being because we stress that we don’t want people to talk about work while they’re walking.”

All walks, with the exception of Erin Sudrovech’s on Sept. 29, begin at the Elliott Tower. Sudrovech’s walk will start at John Dodge House near the university’s golf course..

In instances of inclement weather, the walks will take place on the indoor track inside the Rec Well.

Fall dates, featuring both new and returning leaders, are as follows:

Libby Cilberti, Chief Human Resources Officer – Wednesday, 9/21/16

Greg Kampe, Men’s Basketball Head Coach – Monday, 9/26/16

Erin Sudrovech, Director of Alumni Engagement – Thursday, 9/29/16

Jasmine Bailey and Petra Knoche, WERG Co-Presidents – Wednesday, 10/10/16


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