BarBelles – The Women who Lift

Oakland University Recreation and Well-being is providing a beacon of hope for thousands of women on campus who wish to improve their health through strength training.  This new program known as the BarBelles is designed to help educate women on how to effectively and safely train with weights.

Eileen McNally, the woman at the forefront of the BarBelles program, aims for this to be a safe place for women to gain insight on how to train confidently and just be comfortable in their own skin.

“BarBelles reminds us that our bodies are not who we are,” says McNally.  “Our bodies are just containers that hold something greater.”

McNally goes on to say that BarBelles will help show women that their purpose on earth is not to look perfect, but rather gain the inner confidence to help share compassion and support to the surrounding community and other women.

The intimidation exists when women fear they are being judged and walk into the gym feeling as though they don’t belong.  Too often women face this dilemma as they enter the one place where they can depend on to squash their insecurities but end up too self conscious to face them head on.

Bound by their lack of knowledge and their fear to go up and ask someone to educate them, women simply stay away and avoid the situation entirely.

Realizing the parallels between weight lifting intimidation and the dropping numbers of women who enter the gym, the BarBelle program addresses this challenge specifically.  They will give women a second chance and an opportunity to experience a worry-free workout environment.  Reclaiming their strong and healthy bodies one curl at a time.

Striving to build the inner and outer beauty, the BarBelles use liberating techniques and focus on organically forming powerful connections.

As McNally puts in nicely, “BarBelles will create a community that allows girls to be their true authentic self.”

More information regarding the BarBelles meeting time and place will be available shortly.

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