OU Rec Well’s H2O Stations are taking Campus by Storm

The days of bland water are over, thanks to the introduction of fruit and veggie infused water stations set up around campus.  In the midst of temps reaching the mid-90s, making the thermometer sweat, it is too easy to become dehydrated. Thankfully Stephanie Willis, Wellness and Educational Outreach Coordinator for OU Rec Well, is making it hard to succumb to the sweltering heat.  She has provided up to 228 gallons of water in as little as five weeks to 15 departments across campus.

We are hearing praise from those who simply don’t like the taste of water, who now have options other than sugary juice or soda to quench their thirst and cravings.

Four different “H2O stations” were available that circulated through different departments across campus.  Up to nine different flavor combinations were created including, strawberry and mint, watermelon and mint, orange, and strawberry and blueberry just to name a few.  And each one was a hit.

Willis, the woman behind the program as well as the distributor, is becoming a beacon of hope around campus.  She provides each department with a station for 3 days and rotates in new flavors each day before she moves on to the next department.

“I’ve had staff start clapping and cheering when I walk in with the water dispensers,” said Willis.  “I’ve had people run up to me to refill their water bottle before I took the dispenser away.”

With the fruit and veggie infused water, individuals are benefiting from vitamins and minerals providing a great detox all the while staying hydrated. It’s a win-win-win.

With such a positive reception to this program, it will be extended through August and potentially re-established next summer.

This year departments interested in having the H2O Stations were able to sign up at the Poker Walk, however if we continue this program next summer, we will be doing online requests based on a first come, first serve basis for those who want to put a spin on their traditional water cooler.

Great job staying hydrated everyone!


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