Soul with A Pulse

The alarm sounds

You sink deeper, wrapping the blankets tighter around.

Yet the goals you have set causes your mind to stir

And you wish you had slipped in bed a few hours earlier.

Despite your resistance to be unfurled

You have to show up to the world.

Bearing in mind first impressions last

When your passion and drive is more than just a mask.

Many cultivate this through heart pumping movement

Resembling challenges, pushing through them, transforming through improvement.

A great workout builds character, self-control

Reaching for progress, refining your body into something powerful.

This is why we workout.  We use what we’ve got.

Taking you to your next challenge, your next dream, your next pathway

We produce something that is greater than yesterday.

For some, it is a meditation that sets your mind at ease

Defying life’s trials that aim to bring you to your knees.

Understand significant growth exists when challenges persist.

Though impossible to tire when you feel the internal fire.

Stepping outside your comfort zone helps you embrace the unknown.

Dare to stand above the rest and aspire to be the best.

Pause. A word of caution follows the above clause.

In a world that is obsessed with competition and wealth

You still will never find a tougher opponent than yourself.

Kaitlin Wilson ~ 2016

Photo credit goes to Photographer: Rena Leverty  Athlete – John Papp


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