The 6th Annual Poker Walk

Walk a mile, stretch your legs, breathe in fresh air.

Recharge.  Refocus.

This is a pretty standard activity to live healthy and feel good.  However, it was a different story on Wednesday, May 18th, when the employees of Oakland University gave their own spin on cardio.

The 6th Annual Poker Walk packs adventure, excitement, competition, exercise and fresh air all in one mile.  Nearing close to 400 participants and a whopping 47 teams, it is the event where the staff of Oakland University show up and show out.   As an excuse to spend a day outside the office, each team rose to the occasion bigger and better than ever this year, sporting their theme proudly.

The campus was taken over by walking electronic apps, politicians, gladiator glam girls,
pirates and a slew of other themes, slogans and our very own Grizz.


These eclectic walks of life had joined forces to walk the mile of the year with a gambling spin at the end.  After all, it’s a gamble to walk a mile in another’s shoes, let alone Donald Trump’s.  Although, that isn’t how the Poker Walk got its name.

20160518_121946This is how it works.  Throughout the mile, poker chips are left along the trail for walkers to collect.  At the finish line, the chips are turned in and dealt a hand. The four walkers with the best poker hand received the grand prize.  For those lucky enough to collect numbered poker chips, smaller prizes that corresponded with that number were also given away.

The grand prizes included two $100 gift certificates to Hanson’s running shop and gift bags from Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and The OU credit union.

Congratulations to Karen Baird from Athletics for winning first prize.  Second place went to Deb Lashbrook from communications & marketing, third place to Donna Raymond from SEHS and Claire Galli from Athletics took home fourth place.



Congratulations to the 80 participants who claimed additional prizes for picking up the pokers chips that were numbered.



20160518_122406 (2).jpg


A special shout out goes to A Place to Grow Chiropractic who sponsored the event and provided cool spinal analysis for the participants.  They also  guided a 3-5 minute stretch after the walk.  A Place to Grow promotes healthy lifestyles and preventative tactics that should be practiced as everyday habits.


A beautiful day of active people just having fun with their co-workers makes The Poker Walk an event to remember.  It has always proven to be a great way to kick start a fun and active summer!


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