The 2016 6th Annual Poker Walk

It’s that time of year again!  The 6th Annual Poker Walk is coming up on Wednesday, May 18th.  This all-employee event is to kick-off the summer in a fun, creative and healthy way.

The Poker Walk is known for crazy costumes, great prizes and a whole heap of fun. Keeping this tradition swinging, we expect teams and individuals to go all in making this Poker Walk bigger and wilder than ever.

Reflecting on last year’s event I believe we had the Macomb Grizzly Safari, there were some witches from Wilson Hall and the entire crew from the monopoly board game all graced OU Rec Well with their vibrant presence.

Let’s see what these daring teams will come up with this year.

Typically, the Poker Walk is a one-mile route with scattered poker chips participants collect along the way.   However, this year we’ve amped  it up including a mile and a half route for those who want to enjoy the warm weather longer and earn a bonus chip!  Walkers will start at The Elliot Tower and get a photo snapped of them in front of the Grizz Statue.  At the end of the mile (or mile and a half), walkers turn in their chips to have a hand dealt for them.  The top three best poker hands are awarded a prize worth $100!

Even if you don’t have the best poker face,  awards will be given to the best costume, most enthusiastic team and best team name.  We will also be giving out participation prizes throughout the day.  Food trucks will be on sight too for lunch!

Register your team or individually before May 16th and spend the day with your co-workers outside of the office.

Any questions you may have, feel free to contact Stephanie Willis:



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