Biggest Loser Success!

Increased confidence, mental strength, and feeling good in your own skin is what the Biggest Loser Program is achieving with each participant.  All of our teams have worked extremely hard and have made huge gains in the way they approach a healthy lifestyle.

The Biggest Loser is nearing the end and the trainers are confident that their advice and guidance is going to carry their clients through healthy lifestyle choices throughout the rest of their lives.  To see exactly how this program has affected our beloved Biggest Losers, we caught up with a couple of participants and we are loving what we are seeing.

Ava Mcdowell, head coach for the Royal Oak Archers and academic adviser for Upward Bound is also, a Biggest Loser success.PUB-Website---A-McDowell

Throughout the program she has overcome huge hurdles, both mentally and physically, as she worked to conquer her ultimate goal of walking around Washington D.C. confidently and comfortably.

She reflects on how before she had started the program, she was having difficulty getting out of bed, her diet choices were very poor, and her low energy levels were causing a drop in motivation.

She realized a change needed to be made regarding her health after a difficult business trip to Washington D.C.  She remembers how she had to continually stop and rest while the group was getting further ahead.

“I struggled to keep up with everyone,” says Ava.  “This year, I was leading the group.”

Through guidance from her trainer Myles Lewis, she has newfound energy to rise early to jump start her day with a quick workout.  As with any workout program, consistency and accountability generates the majority of success. Ava has taken the initiative to live up to the purpose of personal trainers to “get you to the point where you no longer need them.”  She keeps resistance bands both at home and in her office as well as a yoga mat.  She has also made a conscious choice to drink two liters of fluids alternating between water and tea.  Her lifestyle has changed dramatically and she is charging full speed ahead as a role model for both her students and herself.

She’s has taken her success to the next level and plans to keep up with what she has learned and implement this in her future.

Ava isn’t the only rock star!  Caryn Reed, Director of Diversity and Inclusion of William Beaumont School of Medicine, has been holding herself accountable from day one.  As a new mother, she was determined to be a role model for her daughter, exemplifying what it is to love your body and feel healthy.1085121_491576567601225_792933229_o

Through carving out time that works with her schedule and practicing positive self-talk, Caryn remained focused throughout the program.  She has transformed from struggling with negative relationships with food to finding happiness in exercise and remaining control over her actions.

She worked hard to break bad dieting habits and negative thought processes about food she’s had since she was a child.  Having difficulties with weight loss programs in the past, she was determined for this story to have a different ending.  She credits the structure of the program which caused her to consider the success of others.

“Knowing that others were also depending on my success,” says Caryn.  “I didn’t want to let them down, but I didn’t want to let myself down either.”

Experiencing a significant improvement in her mood after a workout, she aimed to include some type of exercise in her daily routine.

For Caryn, the greatest gift this journey gave her was helping her to realize, “a slow and steady approach will get me to my goals.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy the things I enjoy and workout in the way that works best for me without guilt or judgment.”

The majority of the members from Biggest Loser club have lost an average of 12 pounds and powering through workouts that previously seemed too daunting to attempt.


What have other teams done?

Team Myles- Ava can now crank out Russian twists!

Team Ashley – Now rocking stellar form when weight lifting!

Team Pat – Alexa increased her plank from 30 seconds to one minute!

Team Erin – Went from running four laps to nine laps on the indoor track!

Congratulations to all your hard work everyone! We are so proud!


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