Club Sport Spotlight: Waterpolo

Waterpolo New 1

Maria Gutowski came to Oakland University hoping to find a way to competitively swim, what she got was a chance to spend time in the water as part of the Waterpolo club team. The Waterpolo team has been around since 2010, and is already making great strides towards becoming an elite club. When Kristy Cornell and Liz Jacobs started the club in 2010 there wasn’t much interest or knowledge of the sport. But through advertising and word of mouth, they were able to get the Waterpolo team on it’s feet. Liz’s proudest moment is when she was able to see the team she had started compete in a tournament at Central Michigan University. Now with club president Maria Gutowski, the team is reaching new heights and providing an amazing opportunity for lovers of Waterpolo to play the game again.


This past year, the Waterpolo team has competed in two tournaments and at both tournaments they went 1-2. For this team, just getting the opportunity to play again was invaluable. Getting the opportunity to grow as a team and to gain experience is necessary if they want to reach their goals for 2016. One of their biggest goals for the new year is to gain awareness on campus. They plan on volunteering more and becoming more involved in the community. The team is planning on competing in a tournament in April, and are hoping to have a scrimmage vs. Central Michigan University.

Waterpolo 2

If you are interested in learning more about the Waterpolo club team, or want to join, contact team president Maria Gutowski at, or request to join their team on



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