GroupX Spotlight: Body Barre

Achieve the sleek, sculpted physiques of the Ballet dancer, here at the Rec!  Body Barre is inspired through the unique training dancers use to build strength.  Get your heart rate soaring with high reps of lightly weighted and controlled pulsing moves with a blast of cardio.  Incorporating eccentric contractions, or stretching exercises, using the weighted body barre as a prop, this class aims to create long and toned muscles for the whole body, while improving flexibility and balance.  If you think this calorie torching class seems like a walk in the park, visit Erin or Angelica, who will put you to the challenge!

 When and Where:

Days: Wednesday: 5:30pm (Angelica)

           Thursday: 12:10 (Erin)

Where: Studio 897

 Duration: 45 min

 What is your favorite thing about teaching GroupX?

Watching the class have fun and smile!

 What made you want to teach GroupX?

The inspiring instructors that keep the class fun and exciting while you’re working out made me want to do the same for others!


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