Club Sport Spotlight: Nic Bongers

Nic Bongers, Campus Advisor to the Football Club at Oakland University took the time to talk with us about what he does for the club and the Oakland University Community as a whole.  Nic is part of the full-time staff in the e-Learning department. He is also a lecturer for the art and art history department, teaching Graphic Design. Nic played a year of NCAA DIII Football back in 1998 in Wisconsin and when he saw a flyer at Oakland University about an upcoming Football Club, Bongers decided that he would help the club’s president with the start of the club by becoming their advisor.

What do you do as an advisor?
I try and help the team in any way I can. Generally, I assist them with financial responsibility, and run the executive board elections. I try to make the leadership transitions smooth from year to year, and provide historical context as to what is usually done based on the time of year. I also help them understand OU branding, and campus politics. I do most of the advertising and graphics for the club as I have a MFA in Graphic Design.

What does it mean to you to be an advisor of the football club?
It means a lot. For what it offers our student athletes, and for how it fills a gap in our current varsity sports, I truly love this club. Clubs are run by the students, and for a college football team, it makes it feel like you’re part of the team “front office.” There is a lot of freedom and control by this football team being a club and not a varsity sport. Keeping in mind we represent Oakland University, we take our reputation seriously as we want the campus to support and be proud of us. We like to appeal to alumni and community supporters that are just happy to have college football in our community. We don’t worry about nay-sayers about how “it’s just a club.” It’s college football any way you slice it.

Do you have plans for the club?
My plans are just for it to get bigger every year. We want more students and campus members at our games. A college football atmosphere is a goal, and I think we’re getting there. It would be nice to fill a 60 player roster, as depth is a major key to winning in our 26 team league. Spreading awareness of the club to faculty and staff is a goal of mine, because people that come to our games have an overwhelming positive attitude about who we are and what we are doing.

How long do you hope to be the club’s advisor?
As long as it’s fun, I’ll stay on. Personally, I like to know that I’m making a positive impact in player’s lives or the team as a whole. I don’t mind helping during times of stress, as long as I can celebrate during moments of triumph.

If you are interested in keeping up with the Football Club, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or go to their website here.


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