Welcoming Pastime Favorite, Softball, to Club Sport Lineup

collection of softballs in pile

Once again, we welcome a new club sport to Oakland University’s lineup of almost 30 club sports. This time, we’re welcoming a sport with ties to America’s pastime, softball.

Softball as a sport was initially described as “indoor baseball”. It was a sport to keep people in shape during the wintertime and to help baseball players keep their skills sharp during the off months. Overtime, and with growing interests in the game, it developed into a full fledged sport played throughout the United States at all levels.

Softball and bat on base

The Softball Club at Oakland University is getting itself together this year with ambitions to begin competition in 2016. The club will be a member of the National Club Softball Association in time for their fall season, “our regular season is mostly in the fall, starting in September… where we play against MSU(Michigan State), CMU(Central Michigan), EMU(Eastern Michigan), GVSU(Grand Valley State), and Bowling Green”, Club President, Emily Quigley, tells us, “since we weren’t able to join the league this year, we are planning to scrimmage Eastern Michigan University and Central Michigan University in the spring”.

Currently, the club is looking for an indoor facility so they can start to prepare for next year’s inaugural competitive season. The Softball Club is still accepting new members, so women that are interested in joining the Softball Club may start by contacting Emily Quigley at erquigley@oakland.edu.


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