#ThisisOUCampusRec: The Biggest Loser Challenge

OU’s fitness program is promoting their version of The Biggest Loser Challenge for the New Year.   Break through stubborn plateaus and reach greater levels of fitness and health than you ever imagined!

The program starts off with a provided fitness assessment offered between January 12th-January 17th followed by the official program start date on January 18th and ending April 10th.

Participants must commit to 4-6 hours per week dedicated to this 12-week program. Mandatory lifestyle behavior change sessions are a vital component of the program and all are expected to attend. These informational sessions on nutrition, stress management and physical activity, will fuel your success at the end of the program.

In order to closely monitor your journey, we ask that you utilize MyFitnessPal to keep an activity log and food journal, tracking your daily efforts. Also, two 1-hour group workout sessions are scheduled each week. Instructors will go over various exercises, while you familiarize yourself with the wide range of exercises, giving you the experience to continue your fitness well after the program is completed.


The program is intended for those who have 15 or more pounds to lose and is a beginner-intermediate exerciser. Participants must provide proof of having a physical exam in the last year, as well as a physician’s clearance to participate. As you must fulfill these requirements, some leniency may be place on registration deadlines.

Registration and Prices

Early Bird registration is through November 1st-December 21st. Price: $100 for students and members.

Late registration is through December 22nd-January 5th. Price: $150 for students and members.

Refer to our website for more information regarding registration requirements or conflicts, application process and price reductions. If you have further questions, contact: mwolak@oakland.edu

We want all who will benefit from this program to attend and do not want cost or other issues be a factor that will prevent your participation. So let’s kick off next year with a healthier and happier you!


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