Running Club Begins To Compete

This past year has been a transformative time for the Running Club. For the first time in its history, the club has shifted from a recreational running club to a more competition heavy club with plans to push it further.

Starting in 2011, the Running Club has been an opportunity for all students to get involved with the activity, regardless of their history of running. “We take students of all levels” says Syed Murtaza, president of the Running Club.

In the last semester, the club decided to join the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) to compete in races that could rank runners on the national level. “The club qualified for the regional and national tournaments this year, but they were too far away and expensive for us to travel to those tournaments” says Murtaza, “but we have hopes for next year to compete in them”.

This year, the running club competed in two NIRCA races, one in Lansing, the MSU Invitational and the other, in Mt Pleasant, the Central Michigan Invitational. In the latter, Running Club’s own Renee Ashley placed 6th overall.

The club has also become more active in “fun runs” or races that are designed more for fun rather than for competition. So far, they have participated in the Zombie Fun-Run, where Danielle Elder placed 1st. The club also participated this past weekend in the Hideous Holiday Sweater Run and has plans to participate in the Turkey Trot Fun-Run on Thanksgiving Day.

Danielle Elder with 1st place trophy from the Zombie Run

Danielle Elder with 1st place trophy

As the weather gets colder, the club moves indoors and their indoor track season begins. The club will run in the Recreation Center on the indoor track and is looking at competing in local indoor track competitions.

In the future, the club’s president has big plans. “We want to host our own meet in the next year” Murtaza says, ” we also plan on enacting a due structure for the first time in the club’s history in order to pay for the registration fees of runners”.

running club group before practice

Although the club is becoming more competitive, it is still a club sport that is open to all students of all experience levels. If you’re interested in learning more about the club, you can find them on Grizzorgs, Facebook or you can contact club president, Syed Murtaza at


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