#ThisisOUCampusRec: Maintain Don’t Gain

Maintain Don’t Gain is back with a slightly new approach just in time for the holidays! As the seasons allow us to unwind and rekindle with loved ones, so does indulging in holiday themed, probably Pinterest inspired, delicious treats, just too appetizing to ignore. This becomes increasingly challenging when such indulgences are fueled by the shopping stress of aggressive mall crowds. It’s okay to throw down in order to score the new rotisserie chicken roaster Aunt Helen had to have, but it’s all about balance. To combat the stress of finding deals, parking spaces, a turkey that will feed 40 people while still looking fabulous, this program is here to help!

By signing up you will receive weekly emails bringing awareness to the challenges that may threaten your physical and mental wellbeing throughout the holiday season. You will find in your inbox what is considered appropriate portion sizes, dealing with stress, incorporating physical activity, New Year’s Resolutions and more. This is not meant to overflow your email, but to merely send out quick tips and tricks once a week to keep you on track.

Setting the Foundation…

A pre-assessment will be provided to get a grasp on your weight, BMI, blood pressure and body fat %. With these guidelines, you will be equipped to make it out of the holidays without cursing each and every dinner role you were convinced you still had room for. After the start of the 2016 winter semester, we will catch up with you and conduct a post-assessment to determine how well you have managed to stay fit and healthy.

You can sign up during the Benefits and Wellness Fair that is taking place on November 4th 2015 or online. We hope you find this to be beneficial as you ring in the New Year healthy and happy. Enjoy the Holidays!


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