#ThisisOUCampusRec: Move Your Body Dance Party

OU Campus Rec was rocking the house Thursday night, as Move Your Body Dance Party, was just one of the events taking place during Love Your Body Week. The Rec celebrated vitality and living a body positive life with the Oakland University community.

Our three certified Zumba instructors; Erin Davidson, Ron Benbow and Ashlynn Law united the Rec, while setting the tone for this unique and diverse experience. Leading the group of over 60 participants through hip-hop and samba styles, the energy was electrifying.

After an hour and a half, participants were feeling the burn. I myself was partaking in this mega dance party in the midst of ages ranging from teens to seniors. I can attest that after a few minutes of beat-based squats and lunges, my legs were on fire. Thankfully the wide range of movements kept things challenging but achievable.

With another successful event under our belts, we hope additional members will take advantage of these unique experiences we provide. As we host future events, we encourage all to attend that will assist you in creating a memorable experience here at the Rec.


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