ThisisOUCampusRec: New GroupX Spotlights

Attention GroupX instructors and attendees! In response to vast array of GroupX classes now being offered, we are adding a new segment called #ThisisGroupX, where we will be spotlighting a class/instructor. This would be a great source to curb the curiosity of Rec members who have questions about what a class is all about or wanting more information on who is teaching.

I have known from my personal GroupX experiences, going into my first GroupX class can be nerve-racking. Though living an active lifestyle the majority of my life, I couldn’t avoid the growing sense of apprehension at the start of class coupled with a strong desire to prove myself. Thankfully here at the Rec we work extremely hard to promote a facility that encourages our patrons to have a happy, healthy and worry-free experience. We hope this additional information helps to discourage the nervous anticipation that is often accompanied with a new GroupX experience.

For GroupX instructors interested in getting their class highlighted, we will send you a template of questions telling our patrons a little bit about yourself, your experience with GroupX and what your class is geared towards. This will give our GroupX enthusiasts or those who are trying out your class for the first time a better idea of what to expect so they can really bring their A game!

We want you to enjoy all aspects of what the Rec center offers and aim to provide a judgment-free setting to assist in building a healthier and happier you! #ThisisOUCampusRec


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