Club Sports Making it Easier to Participate in Wintertime Activities for Students

Hitting the slopes is getting a lot easier for Oakland University students thanks to the growing Snowboard & Ski Club. Currently, on Grizzorgs, the club boasts 43 members (double the size since last year) and is looking to see more growth in semesters to come.

You can join their Club Page on Grizzorgs, Facebook, IMLeagues and after paying for a discounted season ticket of $20, you will be able to receive discounted lift tickets for Pine Knob and Mt. Holly.

Snowboard & Ski Club President, Craig Yanuszeski told us, “this pass works the whole season, they only have to pay $18 each time they go, essentially over 50% off”. With regular lift tickets being well over 30$ a visit, this is a good opportunity to save a great deal of money in the wintertime.

Not only do you get a season pass for cheap with reduced lift ticket prices, but you’re given a free lesson so even new participants can come a join the club and get to go to these facilities for cheap. Currently the club is looking to schedule team events, one of them being a spring break trip for club members.  This trip might cost hundreds of dollars less as they anticipate major fundraising efforts to reduce the costs. If you’re interested in learning more about the Snowboard & Ski Club today, check out their Facebook page or contact Craig Yanuszeski at


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