Meet The New Club Sports Department Part 2

For Oakland University Club Sports, this year is one filled with changes. For the first time in the history of the Club Sport Department, we have designated supervisors at each of the club’s on campus home events.

These supervisors perform very important duties for the University. These supervisors keep club sport members safe and in times of injury, attend to their needs. The supervisors have mini med-kits to help any participant get immediate medical attention for minor injuries. If the situation is extreme, the supervisor will aid for as much as they can given their level of medical knowledge and contact emergency professionals if requested.

The Club Sport Supervisors also help make sure that all the rules of the University are followed and that the code of conduct for the facilities are also followed during home games for club sports. Not only do they make sure that clubs, and their fans, are not being destructive towards the facilities or leaving behind trash, but they do so much more.

Without further adieu, here are the Fall 2015 Club Sport Supervisors:

Keith Goodwin

Keith is studying Pre-law/Political Science and minoring in Criminal Justice. He is the current President of Fencing Club and Secretary of Club Sports Advisory Council.

“I chose to become a Club Sports Supervisor in order to fulfill my role in making Club Sports better and to become more familiar with the organization itself”, Keith tells us, “I am excited about having the opportunity to view a variety of Club Sports while working for a great department of Oakland University”.


Syed Murtaza

Syed is studing Psychology and is the current President of the Running Club, is also Club Sports Advisory Council’s treasurer and has a lucrative job within athletics.

Syed tells us “The reason I applied to be a club sports supervisor is because I wanted to get more in depth exposure to the club sports program”.

He is most excited to see all the different club sports in action and get to know the people who participate.


Devon Meadows

Devon is a double major in Communication and Cinema Studies. He is also the Treasurer of the Rugby Club and president of the Club Sports Advisory Council

Devon wanted to become a Club Sport Supervisor to “gain new experience in my work history, change of lifestyle, meet new people, and get more leadership experience”.

Devon says he is most excited about being a supervisor because he gets to meet all the club members, work in a new environment, and act as a supervisor for a system he has been involved with for the past three years.


Blake Townson

Freshman student, Blake is a Computer Engineering student looking to get more involved with the university. Blake is a student with an interest for sports. He played football in high school and also threw shot put. He wanted to become a member of the first generation Club Sport Supervisors because he wants to meet new people and the opportunity to get into a leadership role is “pretty exciting”. Coming into the role, Blake says “I’m excited to see OU students enjoy club sport activities and meet new people”.

Monica MC

Ale (Alejandra) Montenegro-Cepeda 

Ale is studying business administration school while also minoring in French and international business. She is involved with the sorority of Phi Sigma Sigma and tells us she’s excited to be a Club Sport Supervisor saying “I like club sports because It’s a fun environment where I can get involved and I love sports”.


Elee Younes

Elee is a student of finance and accounting while looking into getting  a certification for paralegal and then move onto “either grad school or law school” upon graduation.

Elee is involved with intramural soccer and the Lebanese club . He tells us that he likes “to people watch and play club sports like cricket and golf and that horsey game with the stick so I thought I’d combine them and do this picture” [shown above].

Elee is looking for “a new experience and would love to be a part of the Rec ” after working out three times a week last year.

William Dunn
William is a Musical Theatre Major and although he is a freshman student and not as involved with the campus community, he is looking for opportunities that interest him.
William tells us he became a Club Sport Supervisor because he has “an interest in the club sports area, and was curious about starting a wrestling club”.

Club Sports had a wrestling club for a number of years in the past, maybe William will restart it?

Going into the position, William says “I know that the position is new, so I am exited to learn as I go”!

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