What You Need To Know About Grizzfit, Oakland University’s Own Crossfit Club.

GrizzFit is a Club Sport at Oakland University that consists of varied functional movements executed at high intensity. It is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competency, proficiency, and performance in the following 10 areas of fitness: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, speed, strength, power, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy. GrizzFit is meant to make a person the best well rounded athlete that they can be.

Quick Facts on GrizzFit Club

  • Absolutely anyone can join and the first practice is free
  • Practices are located in CrossFit Deviate at 528 N. Main St. Rochester, MI
  • Practices are Monday and Wednesday at 7:30PM, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15AM and 7:30PM, Friday at 5:30PM and 6:30PM, and Sundays at 11:00AM.
  • Before starting normal GrizzFit classes, you must attend a one month “on-ramp” program that will teach you and introduce you to the basic movements.
  • There are around 30-40 currently active GrizzFit members that regularly come to GrizzFit classes.
Male Crossfitter during competition
Image Courtesy of Lex Artis

We asked club president Alyssa Boulton why someone should join GrizzFit. Boulton gave us the rundown of reasons:

  1. Anyone can do it, and it’s designed so that everybody can do it.
  2. You are able to set goals and meet goals quickly along with seeing progress at the same time.
  3. GrizzFit is a healthy lifestyle and can help to create many friendships along the way in a positive and uplifting environment.
  4. Every workout can be modified to your own personal skill and strength level which means this club is a club for everyone.

Are you looking to get into competitive CrossFit? There are competitions the Grizzfit Club gets involved with as Boulton tells us, “these competitions run separately from the GrizzFit program and are usually competed in with other gyms around the state and sometimes even a far as outside of the state”.

Female Crossfitter using Kettlebell during competition
Image courtesy of Lex Artis

CrossFit competition facts:

  1. Competitions are wherever you are able to find them.
  2. There is usually at least one competition every weekend that anyone is able to participate in.
  3. You also do not have to be at a certain skill level in order to compete.
  4. Competitions can be modified and some competitions are harder and more advanced than others.
If you are looking for more information about the Grizzfit club at Oakland University, check out their Facebook page, or contact Alyssa Boulton at amboulton@oakland.edu

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